Confident, professional, caring, trusting and productive - that is how I would describe Angela. Angela was there for me when I didn't know where to turn or what to do. Her knowledge of family law, the courts, and her professional connection to others in the field was paramount to the outcome of my case. Angela always made me feel supported and comforted, knowing I had the best on my side. Many years later I know I can reach out and she will be there for me.  If you want a lawyer who has your best interest at heart, Angela is your lawyer.

Kathy C. in Hamilton, MA

Gary M in Middleton, MA

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 In the past few years I have had Angela represent me in a lengthy, painful divorce that has stretched her ability and skill to the brink. Angela delivered on her promise to protect me and to uphold my rights in the Court of Law.  I have experienced Angela’s professionalism and along with this, her genuine care of my future. Angela has been at my disposal whenever I needed her, she has been very dependable and connected with my case throughout the entire process. I have been back to court on a number of occasions due to the intricacies’ of my case, and she has been 100% supportive on every occasion. She arrives well prepared and ready to stand by me with whatever it takes to protect my interests. I highly recommend her services to anyone that needs to be protected by our laws, or is going through a divorce.